Creation: an Unalterable Truth!

My family in Christ,

There is an interconnectedness to life. Life is not just a series of random events, but episodes which cause us to look back to Him from Whom we originally came, and to Whom we hope to be one day reconciled. Anyone who has been reading my blog since the New Year will have noticed that God has been leading me to consider the Rapture. However, I feel that recently God has (temporarily?) allowed me to investigate Creationism in order to broaden my worldview. And what a learning-curve it has been!

About 2 weeks ago I had the honour of viewing the docudrama Genesis: Paradise Lost. Although I have been aware of God’s creative power all my life, the only time I had encountered Creationism as an academic discipline was when it was being mocked by people attempting to portray it as a fairy tale. It is curious to observe how parents / guardians and the world’s educational systems teach babies and young children about how God’s created the world in a matter of days, and how Noah led an array of brightly coloured animals into the Ark to escape the Flood. [1] But as the child gets older Satan’s warriors pounce and condition them into believing what the late biochemist and Creationist Duane Gish once called “a fairy tale for grown-ups”. [2]

Here I will share with you (with the aid of the docudrama mentioned above) my current understanding of creation.

The film begins by declaring something that I often overlook. That is, that God dictated Genesis 1 to Moses (1526-1406 BC) along with the rest of the Pentateuch. Unlike Fox Mulder in The X-Files we can take comfort in the belief that “life, the universe and everything” [3] were called in existence by God in a matter of days. For although God’s act of creation in the first chapter of Genesis is impressive in itself, it is part of a much bigger picture. Thus the morals and ethics which we try to live by stem from this. [4] I think that any attempt to alter the truth of creation is dangerous. Take the millions and billions of years offered by evolutionist propaganda:

“We really have a huge theological problem if we accept these millions of years. If we accept [them], then we are accepting millions of years of death and bloodshed and disease and violence – all before man comes on the scene. But the Bible says that God created the world at the beginning, and that it was very good. There was no death and disease or natural disasters. It was sin that brought that death and natural evil into the world. [5]

Days 1-4 see God creating the universe, the world, the sea, the land and the vegetation. He is not held back by anything as inferior as the first law of Thermodynamics (i.e. “neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed in an isolated system”), [6] for God is as independent of His creation as Shakespeare is from Hamlet! A good example of this is God’s creation of “light” on Day 1 (Genesis 1:3) and the sun on Day 4 (v. 16):

“Light exists independently of its source, anyway…And the sun was made [on Day 4] to be the light-bearer from that time onwards. It’s interesting: in the Old Testament, God warns the Israelites not to worship the sun like the pagans do. And I believe one of the reasons God left the sun until Day 4 was to show that He [is] the light…The sun is just His tool, so don’t worship the sun. Worship God Who made the sun.

There is at least one secular scientific theory which actually adds credence to God’s creative power. This is know as Redshift. Discovered in 1908 with the aid of telescopes, this theory basically says that space expands over time. Spatial objects slowly move further away from the Earth, and thus electromagnetic radiation such as light takes longer and longer to reach us. Space is continually ‘stretched out’ (cf. Psalm 104:2b; Zechariah 12:1).

There are some truly fantastic places out there, both in this world and beyond its boundaries. I wish I could refer you to all of them, because I think they give credence not just to how good a Creator God is, but also what a marvellous Designer He is, too. But I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with the list of photos offered by the Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive, as well as some of those used by Ryan Callahanchild of God and Fashion-creative thinking. I think this is also an appropriate place to share with you a picture from this docudrama, one which I believe shows just how good the film’s wondrous depiction of the Garden of Eden really is:


On Day 5 and the first-half of Day 6 God created the creatures of the sea, land and air. When I first viewed the trailer…

… my attention was immediately grabbed by both the stunning visuals and … DINOSAURS! Like many children, my mind had once been captivated by these strange and exotic creatures, and I even toyed with the idea of a career as a paleotologist. (And that was long before the Jurassic Park movies!) Anyway, I wondered how Creationists would account for them, and what I have found out since is quite simply fascinating.

Obviously the Bible does not use the term ‘dinoaur’. (The word only started to come into regular usage in 1841.) However the Bible does refer to creatures who could well be classified as such. These are “the Behemoth” described in Job 40:15-24 and the “red dragon” in the Book of Revelation (12:3; cf. 13:2; 16:13; 20:2). [7] I think that biblical references such as these have something to say about collective memories of creatures who once roamed this earth: although I don’t think collective memory can reveal from what date the memories originated.

Now we come to what I see as a rather interesting subject in which both Creationism and Evolution are shown to hold similar beliefs. In Genesis 1:9-10 we read that on the third Day God “gathered” the waters into one place, and dry land appeared. Both systems of thought hold that the world’s continents were once interconnected; but they diverge in their theories as to how the land broke apart. The most prevalent evolutionary theory seems to be that the continental drift happened gradually over millions and billions of years. Creationism on the other hand envisions something much more sudden and dramatic.

There is a scientific theory called Catastrophism which holds that the world was shaped by sudden, violent events. Noah’s Flood (which the film says happened 4,400 years ago) slots neatly into this. This was a seismic event of apocalyptic proportions, with sea waters bubbling up onto the surface and the motion of the Earth’s tecton-places causing land-shattering earthquakes. All this plus the 150-day (5 month) global downpour were enough to caused parts of the ground to separate and move hundreds and thousands of miles apart. (It is interesting that the same scientists who rubbish the idea of a global flood having happened on Earth are perfectly willing to contemplate one having happened on other planets such as Mars!)

The Flood would explain how fossils of sea creatures (and of life-forms which evolutionists assume became extinct millions of years ago) come to be located at the tops of mountains:

“Fossils are actually not the evidence of the history of life. It’s the evidence of the death of all life during Noah’s Flood and how these things got buried. There are sea creatures all the way through the rock record, and we find sea creatures on the tops of our highest mountains! There are sea creatures on the tops of the Himalayas, the Alps, the Andes, and the Rockies.

Now at the second-half of Day 6 we arrive at the icing on the cake. By ‘icing’ I mean that human beings were created last and were charged with caring for what was created prior to them being called into existence (Genesis 1:28). Evolutionists, however, ask why on earth (!) is the icing there in the first place? Couldn’t the cake be eaten without it? Is it an integral and absolutely necessary part of the cake, or something which has somehow evolved (that is “developed gradually”) over time in order to make the cake more palatable?

Valid objections raised by both sides of the debate are that the opposition’s advocates are reading unsubstantiated assumptions into their evidence. (Maybe here I will show just how much of an amateur Creationist I am!) What evidence do we have for referring to the Garden of Eden as a Paradise? A least one of Genesis: Paradise Lost‘s contributors suggects that every creature and person in the Garden was vegetarian, the earth providing for all their needs and wants. [8] Evidence, please? Creationist Christians have both the New Testament and the rest of the Old to read back into Adam and Eve’s original homeland; secularists however make the mistake of seeing the modern world in crisis and assume that this is the way things have always been:

“For those who don’t believe in God’s Word, they’re living in the present, and they look around and see death. They assume death has always been here.”

From one negative misconception of God’s plan to a definite plus which only the most callous would deny. The biblical account of creation has a peculiar addition to it. That is, after God’s 6 days of creation, He rests. If God dictated the creative account to Moses prior to the dictation of the Law, then this scheme would have implied that the establishment of a 7-day week was forthcoming. And indeed it did eventually come (Exodus 20:9-11). And the reason for this had been clearly set out in the beginning:

a 7-day week made up of 6 working days and 1 day of rest.

It is curious that secularists (who have led many of God’s children onto a pathway leading to eternal damnation) still for the most part stick to this ideal:

“We don’t have any seven-millions-of-years weeks, or something like that!”

But as we all know, at some point following the first sabbath, humanity’s life in Paradise came to an end. The vicious and unrelenting virus of sin and death (Romans 6:23) entered into the world and even now continuously works to keep God and His children apart. Our post-Eden existence saw centuries of failed attempts to restore the paradisiacal relationship with God. And although each generation gave the next a small foundation on which to build, it ultimately led to nothing. Humanity appeared to be doomed, condemned to eternal separation from their Creator.

Then things changed. God had made numerous promises to help humanity and to empower them to overcome the hurdles which kept holding them back. When the appointed time came for these promises to be realised God Incarnate descended to Earth to live among a people that He had nurtured from an early stage in Earth’s history (see Genesis 9:22ff.). I have often wondered what these lyrics from Hillsong’s What A Beautiful Name actually mean:

“You didn’t want Heaven without us | So Jesus You brought Heaven down.”

Now I can attempt an answer. I don’t know why God created us in the first place BUT He did, and walked with the first couple in the Garden. Imagine what the disciples must have felt while walking beside Jesus, hearing His teachings, witnessing His acts of compassion and watching Him perform miracles. I can imagine them being so delighted and comforted to be in His company (and so fearful and alone when away from Him) that their feelings were comparable to those of Adam and Eve’s in the Garden of Eden:

“…if you believe that God exists, but that’s as far as it goes, you’ve missed the point. You’ve looked at the billboard, you’ve seen the ad – but you’ve missed the point. The point is this: it’s about a relationship with Him; restoring that relationship with Him!

And Christ revealed the limitless extent of God’s loving relationship: for He laid down His life for us:

“He came to Earth and put on matter Himself and allowed Himself to be crucified. A crown of thorns was pushed into His head. Nails like railroad spikes were pounded into His wrists and into His feet. And He did that not because He had to. He did it because He loved you!

When a person is in the grip of sin they fail to understand how redemptive, delightful and overwhelmingly liberating God’s love can be. After we had failed on so many occasions to understand this, Christ came to show us. This is how great Paradise was (Genesis 1-2), and this is how great Paradise will be again (Revelation 21:1-4). And just as there was only one way to be saved during the time of the Flood (i.e. in the Ark), there is only one way to paradisiacal bliss: Jesus –

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well'” (John 14:6 NIV)

Let’s join with “creation’s voice” and follow Him Who is mighty to save:

Sin is still a really big problem, though, just as it has been since the Fall (Genesis 3). And Satan’s warriors tend to specifically target Christians! But the same Holy Spirit Whom Christ promised to send, and Who empowered the apostles to perform works of wonder (Acts 2:3ff.), now offers us unbeatable help. By Him we are armoured with impenetrable spiritual power (Ephesians 6:13-17) and we can apply our minds to what is Godly. Through:

  • the creation of stories (e.g. Left Behind), and
  • songs…

… we can share God’s love with our scattered family, help our brothers and sisters to make the right choice between two masters and to be fairly confident of their being carried away to walk with God when Christ returns.

I think I should stop there. I’ll just leave you with 3 more quotes from the film which, although interesting, I was unable to put anywhere else:

“What a horror that any human being could end up in that terrible place: damned  to Hell. And so we plead with people and say, God is rich in mercy and He provided a Saviour in Jesus Christ! God became a human being. He suffered and died on the Cross to take the punishment for the sin of the world. We broke God’s law and Jesus paid our fine.

“…the Big Bang is a believed miracle. The evolution of life would have to be a miracle…To believe that there is no God, you will have to believe in miracles without a miracle worker!”

“It is unbelievable what unbelievers have to believe to be unbelievers!”

God bless you.


[1] The Flood is an important part of Creationism and we shall refer to it again in greater depth.

[2] Having once been told the world is relatively young a person is now required to think of it as being billions of years old!!!

[3] Yes, two entirely different stories created for two entirely different audiences, but both of which have amused me over the years.

[4] They are not simply the result of history’s winners’ trial and error over time; or concieved on the flimsy, fickle and ever-changing basis of “This is good, because it feels good to me”!

[5] I apologise for my inability to name which contributor said what. The persons interviewed in this film are: Georgia Purdom, Andrew Fabich, Charles Jackson, Danny Faulkner, David Menton, Jeremy Lyon, John Baumgardner, Tommy Mitchell and Terry Mortemson. (Hopefully you will be inspired to watch this film and find out for yourselves, and won’t be put off by my academic limitations!).

[6] Although apparently evolutionists believe that nothing can actually generate life: “if you just wait long enough” it will happen… somehow!

[7] I am not sure about the validity of this, but maybe we could also add “Leviathan” (Job 3:8; 41:1; Psalm 74:14; 104:26; Isaiah 27:1; cf. Amos 9:3) to this list.

[8] Considering the modern portrayal of vicious and carniverous sea creatures and worm-eating birds, I would like to look further into this aspect of Creationism.


9 thoughts on “Creation: an Unalterable Truth!

    1. I think they are great! I confess I passed over many of them before I started to read them, but now I look forward to reading their wisdom! Thanks for your comment and thank you so much for your Institute for Creation Research blogs. God bless you.


  1. I love this post and honestly I have been listening to stuff like this lately myself. Although I have in a tiny bit in the past. I just find it intriguing what you can learn if you do some research. and many scientist DO believe in God and it is really good to sit with the ones who do and listen to some of their teachings. Humble is a good thing! Evolutionist teach you God and science don’t mix. that is only from an atheist view point. It isn’t science against God. For honestly science and God go hand in hand. it truly is evolutionist against God or atheist if you will. Not science against God.

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    1. Thanks, Michelle! It took a long time to write, but in the final few hours I could really feet the Holy Spirit guiding me (although any mistakes are due to MY foolishness!). It is really interesting what you say, i.e. that God and science can go together; it is just that the evolutionists and / or atheists say that they cannot. Thank you so much for your comment. God bless you.


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