Genesis 1-3

My family in Christ,

Recently I have been feeling that it might be a good idea to read the Bible cover-to-cover. I know, I know – some of the parts of the Bible haven’t been put into chronological order and a person may get very muddled reading the Scriptures in this way. The first time that I read the Bible all the way through (before the age of internet!) I was able to consult a guide which required multiple daily readings from various books and chapters. I followed the course in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the faith that I was nominally a part off. My purpose now is, as a devoted follower, to gain a greater understanding of God’s plan and of how it unfolded during the Old and New Testament periods. And this time there is the added benefit of using other blogs and Youtube videos (and prayer!) to help development a better appreciation of the Bible’s treasures.

No I have not forgotten YOU, and hopefully the insights I gain can be presented here for discussion and / or the spiritual development of others. So here is the first blog in what I hope to be an extremely productive series.

GOD CREATES (1:1-27)

ADAM AND EVE (1:27-30; 2:4-25)

THE SERPENT / SATAN (3:1-5, 14-15) [1]



After trying to pass the blame, both Adam and Eve are told what parts of original sin are to be specifically applicable to them and to their descendents (vv. 16-19). Sin and death are brought into creation by the Fall. [2] Whereas ealier Adam and Eve had made garments out of fig leaves (v. 7), God now makes them clothes out of animal skins (v. 21) before casting them from the Garden and preventing them from returning. [3]

No doubt the first couple bemoaned the life that they had been exiled from. (I discussed the idealic lifestyle of Paradise in Creation: an Undeniable Truth.) Now they were alone: away from God and condemned to walk on the cursed earth which would often resist attempts to produce crops (vv. 17-19). [4] Add to this gender inequality and man’s flawed attempts at wisdom and the future of humanity must have looked pretty bleak. With such an outlook, one can imagine the hate developing in them for the one who had tempted them away from God’s trust and on to the road leading to their downfall:

Once when I was little I got real emotional when the Fall, how we need to stick to a narrow path, and how Satan will always try to tempt us away was explained to me. I cannot remember the answer that the Sunday School teacher gave to me, apart from the fact that we prayed together. I was curious to hear how the pastor in the video would respond to negative emotions being aimed at Satan by both the first couple and generations of their descendents.

Right now I recognise and regret that like everyone else my past life has fallen way short of the glory of God. I have been a failure and an embarrassment. But by the mercy of God, following the teachings of Christ and by trying to imitate His example, and through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit I can rise up and overcome my failings and hopefully lead others to faith. And hopefully I can join with YOU when God’s promise of a return to Paradise is fully realised:

“I am about to call each conqueror to dinner. I’m spreading a banquet of Tree-of-Life fruit, a supper plucked from God’s orchard”

(Revelation 2:7 MSG).

There are some really fantastic visual images around of what Paradise could have looked like. No wonder Adam and Eve felt utter humiliation at being exiled from it, and that their descendents hunger to return there. Well, look up child. Follow Christ (our Divine Friend) along the narrow path and YOU will marvel at the wonders God has in store for those who want to be with Him!

God bless you.


[1] God cursed the snake, partly by condemning it to hencefore “crawl on [its] belly, and…eat dust” (v. 14c GNB). I find it interesting that snakes still have the muscle structure inside of them for four legs!

[2] Although how comes Adam (2:17) and Eve (3:3) understood what death meant prior to the Fall?

[3] I think that this poses another theological question, for you could argue that both the fig leaf clothing and the skin clothing were made after the Fall. So what do YOU believe? Did the Fall commence the very moment both Eve and Adam had eaten (not simply thought about eating) the apple, or did it only begin once God had cursed the first couple?

[4] God would later establish laws with Israel to give the earth a rest every seven years.

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