We Still Live in a Fallen World, but God has Blessed Us with a Powerful Remedy!

My family in Christ, shalom.

When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in Genesis 3, the change it brought upon the world was catastrophic: to a greater extent than we, at times, are prepared to admit. But people are still suffering from its effects. Here I would just like to focus on a single portion of the Fall’s consequences. Who among us can truly imagine that diseases were ever a part of Paradise (cf. Revelation 21)? Whether they affect a person mentally or physically – or both – they can and do affect our lives to varying degrees.

This blog came about mainly as a result of reading Ryan Callahan’s Celiac Disease Awareness Month. He suffers from this himself. the pain can affect him so suddenly and leave him in agony for long periods. In the linked article I was particularly struck by what he says just under the picture of the green t-shirt:

“…I have been chosen to fight this disease.”

What an empowering and motivating thought that must be (2 Timothy 2:10)!

That got me thinking about prayer: how it can both destroy a disease and how it can heal a person. In carrying the Christian mantle, we don’t become less human than others. We are still susceptible to diseases and we have not become invincible to fallen humanity’s mismanagement of the planet. But for the Christian who now suffers from the same disease that they suffered with before they were chosen by Christ, they have (like Ryan says) good reason to believe that they have “been chosen to fight [that] disease”.

But what about those who suffer from something other than to what a particular month has been dedicated? Or what of those who are healthy and whose lives are unhindered by those things which afflict the other members of our Christian family? Well, in our capitalist societies, in a world which may at times seem to be verging of the edge of insanity, we have a powerful remedy to offer. Whether we are rich or poor, whether part of the medical profession or not, whether society has decided to let us live in heated homes or at the mercy of the weather and degenerate street cultures, all warriors of Christ are equipped to pray.

In the past few days I have heard a number of stories of people being healed by prayer, by Christians just doing what our heavenly Father has allowed us to do, and cast our cares upon Him. Through the death and resurrection of Christ past, present and future generations can call upon an abundant and inexhaustible supply of life-giving blood, and we have a duty to ask and to plead for this to be directed at those who need it. So when you hear of or see a person living with depression, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA), cancer, failed organs, bipolar disorder, asthma, hayfever, Downs Syndrome or any other disease or illness, just stop and pray that God will pour out His infinite love and mercy upon them.


Shalom and God bless you.

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