Single parent, zero hour contract. Two wages in one month, universal credit stopped. Forced to go without any payments for at least ten weeks. — The poor side of life

Dear readers, I’ll be blatantly honest with you. Today was awful, really difficult and wasn’t helped by a person denying that universal credit is the best thing ever. The conversation went on for about fifteen minutes and took me away from helping people. It’s not hard to find evidence to prove that universal credit doesn’t […]

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Anthony of Egypt (251-356), a Child of God Led into Spiritual Battle in the Desert

It is not so much fighting the devil which makes us great; rather, it is the revelation of God which is revealed as He fights at our side:

“God is the one who made the mountains and created the winds.

He makes his thoughts known to people;

he changes day into night.

He walks on the heights of the earth.

This is his name: the LORD God Almighty!”

(Amos 4:13 GNB) [1]


[1] My friends, as far as I am aware Anthony never used these words. I use them here only because I feel compelled to communicate them to you at this time.

When Faith had Become Stagnant, God Inspired the Anabaptists to Reinterpret His Word

I cannot say whether or not I totally agree with this way of interpreting the faith. For as is made clear in the first video, Anabaptism is not a a denomination and does not hold to one single view. It is the traditions of reinterpretation that the people referred to as Anabaptists  [1] introduced that interests me.

In the early 16th cenury the official religion commonly held by the different nations of Europe was Christianity as taught by the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). At the risk of sounding impertinent to my readers, the changes brought about by Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, John Knox, Martin Luther and others were, comparatively small. I think that a few small tweeks here and there were, as they still are, enough for a person or group to be excommunicated.

But it appears to me that Anabaptists went further and introduced a tradition of radically reinterpreting the Scriptures. A newly founded Christian church would now go way before just being catholicism without the Pope! In time, redical reinterpretations would lead to the formation of such groups as the Baptists and Methodists (to mention only two). Maybe (and I confess I am not really sure) some Pentecostal denominations can trace their roots back to this time. I am no expect, but if the ‘Anabaptists’ had not stood their ground when they did, we probably would not now have such great songs of praise as this:



[1] They themselves did not call themselves Anabaptists. Like the Quakers, they had this title imposed upon them by their enemies. Anabaptism means ‘re-baptizers’ because, unlike the established church, they did not believe in baptizing infants. Baptism should, they claimed, be reserved for “persons old enough to personally commit their lives to Christ” (second video).

Epileptic man speaks of ‘anxious’ wait over PIP tribunal — Govt Newspeak


A MAN who has had to wait over a year for a tribunal to decide whether he is fit to work has spoken of the anxiety the ordeal has caused him. Mark Spraggon, 47, has been waiting since November 2017 for a hearing for his Personal Independence Payment, a benefit paid to people with long-term […]

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In yesterday’s No Confidence vote, Labour as always expounded the government’s merciless persecution of the vunerable. 325 MPs showed their support for this tyranny!